Resor hit och dit

31 Jan 2014

My humble home

I just wanted to show how I live right now in the New Mexico desert.
Everything I need can be found on the iside even though it is much smaller than what people might be used to.
But there is room enough for me.

So here; a lot of photos of my White Trash Home

To be mounted

25 Jan 2014

Tony Lama .. I was just looking, I promise

This is a dangerous place..


23 Jan 2014

Storm in the desert

It is so windy today so the alarm just went on in the RV.
After having made the dishes, it is probably propane that blows in through the hot water tank's grille. So I spend my time in the car waiting for the whatever is wrong to correct itself.

What do I know about these things? 

20 Jan 2014

My everyday in the sunshine!

Would I like to live where the sun always shines? Will I not get tired if there are only two seasons?
The answer is that I can never get tired of the sun. 

I always wanted to try to live like so many Americans do... In a mobile home! 
So now I do
I have my routines here just like in Sweden. Every morning in Sweden, the first thing I do is to watch outside the window to find how wrong the weather man has been yesterday. And yes, they are usually wrong. 

Here, where the sun shines every day, the thing I check first is if the water is still frozen after another cold desert night. Sometimes it is and sometimes, the sunlight of the day has chased away the cold of the night. it's more linked to my wakening up time than to the sun

My routines consist of coffee with milk; two big cups. I chat with my oldest daughter for about 15 minutes and check emails and FB. Need to see what my cyber friends do .. Hahaha! 
I usually go for a ride. Into Deming for some grocery shopping or to Mexico, Las Cruces, El Paso or I don't do a damn thing until 4:00 PM. 

That's when I take Jake for a walk in the desert, where he can run around free as the wind. Jake is the wonderful dog, a German Sheppard, that I borrow for my walks and we pass by Jack, the horse who needs to be fed and get water. Horses are not my thing but he needs to be fed so why not help out with that. 

Jake was found in the street of Denver and was picked up at a shelter. He is very well trained and it's a pleisure to be around him. He is probably around three years old because he plays and jumps all the time. I wonder why he was walking the streets all by himself. That's an untold story!

At 5:00 PM, the sun starts to go down very fast and the cold desert night arrives and at 5:30 PM it is both cold and dark and time to fix dinner and watch some TV. Before I got here I never played any online games besides Wordfeud but now I do. It makes pass the time and keeps my ADHD jumping around. 

While I'm figuring out where I belong, if I will ever find it out, I am enjoying my slow passing everyday in the sunshine.

17 Jan 2014

AdobeDeli is a strange place ...

The front desk
Lady´s room
The collection of baseball caps is huge
Smokers room

Billy the Kid
You do not want to eat there.
They never seem to dust the rooms so how does the kitchen look?
And this place is to be found in nowhere land outside of Deming!